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Fetch CRL is a utility that updates Certificate Authority (CA) Certificate
Revocation Lists (CRLs). These are lists of certificates that were granted by
the CA, but have since been revoked. It is good practice to regularly update
the CRL list for each CA to ensure that you do not authenticate any certificate
that has been revoked. 

The 2.x series fetch-crl is found here, but has now been superceded by
a completely re-written release, accomodating more output formats
and prepared for OpenSSL1 and recent OS distributions.

Please refer to
for more documentation on the new fetch-crl, and to
for downloading the new version

The end-of-life calender for fetch-crl 2.x series is:
- March 31st, 2011: end of life of the 2.7 series
- June 30th, 2012: end of life for fetch-crl 2.8.x

The 2.x series readme can be found in the README-2.txt file